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Who is the Party?
Selected from Solicited Articles on the “Nine Commentaries”
Li Shun, The Epoch Times

This is a question I have pondered for a long time and not yet understood. However, speaking for all Chinese people, this is an extremely important question because it has heavily influenced our country politically. This word “Party” represents omnipresence, a mystical power everyone fears. Therefore, we must not only find the Party, but also understand it. Who is the party? Where is the Party?

I remember watching movies as a kid -- most of the movies all had a war theme. When the soldier was finally shot down on the battlefield, he laid in his fellow soldier’s embrace and while fishing out a blood soaked paper from his pocket, with his last breath he slowly said, “This is my membership from the Party.” After saying that, his head dropped and he passed away. Put into the context of my own life, what he took out was not his membership paper from joining the Party, but a blood soaked Party due. Starting with my childhood memories, I have always linked fresh red blood with the Party; this is my first impression of the Party. I would also often see in movies “the honorable revolutionary soldier” who would hold a “big box” gun and point it at the “rebel” or “traitor of China.” He would speak in a righteous and stern tone, “I condemn you to death on behalf of the people and the Party.” After he finished, the “traitor” fell down to a sound of “bang!” This is my second impression. Through this medium, I had a serious and lofty impression of the Party throughout my childhood. At the time, when people said things like, “The Party is the key force that leads our cause; forever follow the Party,” we felt in our heart that we were bound to this principle.

However, along with aging and maturing, slowly, we learned to use our own judgments to observe and our own brains to think. When I was enrolled in the college entrance exam in 1983, most of the content in the political exam was speeches by General Secretary Hu Yaobang. However, after one particular night, people unexpectedly called him an “anti-Party element.” Within one night, everything was flipped around. This made me think: Who is Hu Yaobang? Isn’t he the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) General Secretary? Then who is the General Secretary? Isn’t he the representative and leader of many members of the CCP? From this perspective, he is the Party. Since he is the Party, how could anyone object to him? This was my first thought. My second thought was: If Hu Yaobang is counter-Party, then under his leadership, all CCP members and the entire nation must have also spent several years being counter-Party. If Hu Yaobang was the principal criminal, then the entire nation and the CCP members were accomplices. In that case, wasn’t everyone a guilty criminal? What baffles people even more is, before Hu Yaobang it was Hua Guofeng, after Hu Yaobang it was Zhao Ziyang, all of whom were CCP General Secretaries holding the highest position. Yet without exception they were all labeled “counter-Party.” Even Deng Xiaoping was accused of being “counter-Party” twice, but he came out again and was in a leadership position for a dozen years. So then just who is the Party? Where is the Party?

I have come to an understanding about the CCP’s leaders: When they were in power, they could lead and represent everyone; they were great, correct, and honorable. At the time, they were the Party itself. When others chased them off the stage, their story immediately changed, and they became reactionaries while it was now others who represented the Party. Then who can tell me who the real Party is? This raised an even more important question for me. While on stage, they each made decisions, and some of these decisions had grave consequences. For example, what does it mean if Zhao Ziyang as the General Secretary decided that 10,000 people were guilty of being “counter-revolutionary” and “counter-party,” causing these 10,000 to lose their jobs or be beheaded? When others decided Zhao Ziyang was an “anti-Party element,” were those 10,000 dealt with unjustly? Those removed from office can be put back, but what about those who were beheaded? Can they be brought back to life? Is this Zhao Ziyang’s responsibility or the Party’s? It was only gradually that I began to realize that no matter what, any mistakes will always be attributed to the people themselves, they can never be blamed on the Party. The Party is “God,” even though technically the CCP members are atheists. But in actuality, the “Party” has indeed been the CCP’s “God”-- this is a contradiction no one can resolve, not even the CCP itself.

From Ma Zedong to Jiang Zemen, from “The Great Cultural Revolution” to the “June 4th Incident” to “Falun Gong,” over the past 50 some years, the reigning dictators have killed how many people, destroyed how many families, and started how many struggles? When has it not drawn support in the name of the Party? During the Cultural Revolution, even in persecuting the state president Liu Shaoqi until he died, did it not borrow the name of the Party? Did it not borrow the name of the Party when Deng Xiaoping overthrew many Party members who had given meritorious service? Afterward, when Hu Yaobang was seeking redress for these people, did he rely on the name of the Party? Through the wisdom of the Party, people were overthrown. Thanks to the greatness of the Party people were rehabilitated. From its beginning to its end, the Party has always been right. This mysterious, sly Party has always tried to put itself in a position of invincibility. This is the Party -- fickle, contradictory and hypocritical. It is a dictator that always welcomes disaster and it is a vicious and fierce executioner that kills without showing blood.

During the Cultural Revolution, my father was deemed a “rightist” and to this day he will not talk about that time of his life. My mother told me what happened only a few years ago. When I was one year old, she took me to play at my father’s office. Lying on the office table when my mother wasn’t paying attention, I grabbed my father’s writing brush and with a baby’s ferocity shook it twice. The ink happened to splatter on the picture of the leader on the wall, forming a “><” shaped diagram. My not highly educated mother did not understand the seriousness of the matter at the time. However, when my father came back from the meeting and saw it, he stood staring with his mouth open, not knowing what to do. Right at that moment the Youth Corp Committee secretary came in looking for his father, the school principle at the time, and saw the picture. This is how my father was labeled “right wing” and charged with “slandering our great leader.” A few years later, he was pardoned, but they left a permanent wound on his waist and on wet, rainy days it hurts so much he can’t bend over. After forty years, my father’s body and spirit have been in pain, caused by the carelessness of his one-year-old son. The wise Party does not even forgive a playful baby and it is through the wisdom of the party that an innocent father bore the punishment for someone else. The past few years whenever I see my father suffering under his intolerable back pain, I always feel guilty, but can I be blamed? If I am not to blame, who is to blame?

Today, exaggerated and false language praising the Party and socialism come from the mouths of low and high-ranking CCP members, while at the same time their hearts pour out admiration and worship for the materialist capitalism of the West. They think of western-style houses as a symbol of success. They send their children to America, Canada, Australia and England to fulfill their own parents’ goal of success. Through crooked means, they send their flesh and blood overseas so when they retire they can happily enjoy capitalism and prosperity. This to them is their journey home. . The Chinese see Party leaders raised on “Mao Zedong’s Marxist thought” digging a grave for their own “God” -- the Party.

Who is the Party? Look all over China and not trace of it can be found. Who is the Party? There is not an inch anywhere in the 9.6 million kilometers of the earth that is not covered with its gloomy, evil spirit.

Today’s China has gotten to this point of decline and decay. It is all due to “persistent party leadership,” a phrase full of irrational despotism and cruel dictatorship.

The Communist Party is inhumane and immoral. This demon has brought infinite disasters to half the globe for the nearly two centuries since the French Revolution [1] but it will inevitably be eliminated without a trace from this earth.

Let all that its evil has suppressed and inflected misery upon come together and pray that this day will soon arrive!

[1] The period of the French Revolution in the history of France covers the years between 1789 and 1799, in which democrats and republicans overthrew the absolute monarchy and the Roman Catholic Church perforce underwent radical restructuring. While France would oscillate between being a republic, empire, and monarchy for 75 years after the First Republic fell to a coup by Napoleon Bonaparte, the revolution nonetheless spelled a definitive end to the ancien régime, and eclipsed all subsequent revolutions in France in the popular imagination.

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