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Pak to giv up Kashmir position only if India does same: Mush

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Indo-Pak accord on Kashmir "key to peace"
Islamabad: Pakistan President General Pervez Musharraf today called for Kashmiri leaders to get involved in talks with India to resolve the dispute over Kashmir. Musharraf was scheduled to speak to the legislative assembly of Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK), but could not do so because rains had prevented him from flying to the region to attend the annual Kashmir Solidarity Day. In comments telecast on the state-run Pakistan Television, Musharraf said that Pakistan was ready to give up its decades old position calling for a UN sponsored plebiscite to resolve the Kashmir dispute only if India did the same. "My wish was to go to Muzaffarabad and talk to Kashmiris in the PoK Assembly, but I could not go because of the weather. So I decided to talk to you on Television," Musharraf said.

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