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Chinese Web Censorship Deepens Rift with Taiwan
The Epoch Times

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China’s move to block more Taiwanese websites has upset millions of Taiwanese living in China who lack access to Taiwan’s news media. The move is causing further strain between the Mainland and Taiwan.

According to United News, China’s media censorship is controlled by Li Changchun, a member of China’s political bureau, and China’s Propaganda Bureau Minister Liu Yunsan.

Overseas media is only permitted in Mainland China if it fits into the Communist ideology. Other blocked media sources in China include Voice of America, BBC and even the search engine google.

Millions of Taiwanese must rely on getting information by looking at “back door websites” but they do not provide complete news coverage nor do they offer up-to-date information.

A Taiwanese businessman said, “Censorship in Mainland China is much different than in Taiwan, and our inability to get time-sensitive information puts us at a disadvantage.”

A Shanghai official acknowledged to United News that not seeing news from Taiwan websites is not just an inconvenience to private businesses but also to state-owned enterprises.

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