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Article may signal shift in China-North Korea relations
The Epoch Times

Chinese foreign economist Wang Zhongwen recently published an article in the influential diplomatic periodical, Strategy and Management, that may signal a change in China’s approach to its international relation with North Korea.

In the article, he attacked North Korea’s patrimonial system and leftist policy. He also mentioned that there is actually an underlying scheme behind North Korea’s intervention in the China-U.S. relationship. This kind of opinion is out of step with the traditional views on the China-North Korea relationship.

According to media reports, Wang, a researcher in the Tianjin Social Sciences Research Institute, wrote: “A New Perspective on the Relationship Between North Korea and Northeast China,” which harshly criticized North Korea’s internal affairs and foreign policy. The article was to be published in the mid August issue of Strategy and Management. However, the Korean Daily in South Korea ran the article before the publication date and prompted the question of whether China will change its policy with North Korea.

Strategy and Management is a bi-monthly periodical usually published at the midpoint of even months. The latest issue has yet to be printed. According to the United Daily News, an interview with personnel from Strategy and Management revealed that the next issue would be delayed until the end of this month due to “internal difficulty.” The employees have declined to reveal whether this has anything to do with the content being previously published in South Korea.

In the article, Wang criticized North Korea’s whole political system, stating: “In the face of natural calamities, people’s lives are already miserable beyond words. However, Kim Jong I1 continues to carry out leftist policies in order to maintain his absolute power through political persecution in North Korea.”

Wang also accused North Korea of being ungrateful to China for its political support and financial assistance. “North Korea has long disregarded maintaining a good neighborly relationship with China and has failed to return support to China in times of need. Why should we take the total responsibility for maintaining good relations and voluntarily continue to support and help this unappreciative country?”

In addition, the article also mentioned North Korea’s involvement in the China-U.S. relationship. “Because of North Korea’s lack of responsibility and action, the relationship between China and the U.S. often reaches a stalemate. Especially at critical times, North Korea often instigates disputes between China and the U.S.” The article also suggested: “An ugly scheme lurks behind North Korean actions and that China needs to stay alert with regard to them.”

With regard to North Korea’s nuclear weapons development, the article stated: “This act not only challenges the international community but utterly disregards, even demonstrates its antipathy toward it. China should begin taking initiative to advocate a non-nuclear North Korea and support the U.S. and the international community in resolving this problem.”

Finally, Wang expressed that in the future China and Korea relationship, “China must use a new perspective to re-evaluate the Northeast relations and utilize policies that benefit China as a country.”

Some media pointed out that the content of this article is not only Wang’s personal opinions, but may also reflect the Chinese government’s views on North Korea.

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