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The hand behind Patriotism
The Epoch Times

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Hong Kong patriotism
Patriotism is a valuable feeling and a noble sentiment. The strength of patriotism can inspire citizens to give up their personal interests, to shrug off the feelings of gratitude or resentment from others, and to work hard, struggle, go through trials and tribulations, and even to sacrifice their lives for a common goal, related to the peace and survival of hundreds of thousands of others.

There were many loyal and just heroes in ancient China who sacrificed their lives for their country or for justice. Their names have been remembered over the centuries because they were willing to sacrifice their lives for the sake of upholding justice. The most important reason these heroes have been remembered by their descendants is because of their righteousness. Otherwise, they would have vanished into history according to the natural law of birth, aging, illness and death.

This justice or righteousness - righteous belief and righteous thoughts - is the cornerstone of human society’s survival for thousands of years and the essence of the wonderful culture of the Chinese people. As years go by, and with the decline in human morality and the deviated propaganda from the media, justice has been excluded from the rules of human behavior. Humans have been trapped in a blinding, materialistic, utilitarian lifestyle. Even patriotism, such a noble trait, has become a political tool, and been manipulated by some of the Chinese communists.

Look at the awful incident of Zao Yen being beaten by US police. The media have blown up this incident because of some specific person’s authority. For a while, all the media - from newspapers to radio and television stations –focused on this human rights abuse by America. People’s Daily lashed out in criticism of America. The official Xinhua news agency added more fuel; people on the official websites condemned America; and Li Zaosing made a hard line statement. With such momentum, of course the patriotic sentiments of the Chinese people would be aroused and ignited.

The Chinese media didn’t tell people all the details of this incident; they just published what the government wanted people to know. This is the usual tactic taken by the official media. When Xinhua broadcast the news about Zao Yen being beaten by U.S. police, they ignored the facts behind the incident, such as Zao Yen’s mistake in trying to escape and resist. According to American law, police have the authority to use firearms and weapons if they are facing an emergency. Why don’t the Chinese media dare to tell people this part, in order to avoid similar incidents in the future?

Once again, Chinese Citizens Were Treated like Idiots

China is notorious for its record of human rights abuses, such as the protests by relocated residents, the anger of South Wind City Newspaper, Sun Zigan being beaten to death, Chiang Yenyoung’s arrest, the persecution of petitioners, and the torture of Falun Gong practitioners, to name just a few. Every atrocity is a record of the human rights abuses by the Chinese Communist Party.

Many awakening people were not cheated by Chinese government propaganda, and they were “surprised,” “moved” by the active, prompt and honest response of American government, because in China, the government would not care about police beating people at all.

There are still many people in China, who haven’t been fooled by the Chinese government’s propaganda, who were surprised about the way the American government quickly and openly reacted to the incident with Zao Yen. When the media researched Zao Yen’s identity, the result embarrassed the Chinese government. After keeping silent for several days, the Immigration Bureau of Tianjin had to bear the brunt, and expose the identity of Zao Yen and the tour, at public expense.

Don’t be deceived by government propaganda. When you are being used again and again as a gun, even though whoever ordered the shooting is despicable, the gunman is also to blame. While you are clamoring for so-called national interests and national dignity, perhaps there’s a secret deal going on with the same enemy which will result in a loss of national interest and dignity.

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