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China’s health care system lacks integrity
The Epoch Times

China’s health care system has become more modernized but still needs to be refined to better serve patients. Criticism of the system includes set up of illegal medical practices, misdiagnosis, incorrect treatment plans and added surcharges for operations according to Zhang Zhen assistant director of China’s Commercial Trust and Credibility Center.

It is difficult to evaluate or enact a plan of action to increase the integrity of a health care system. And, it is developed by the establishment of good, honest medical institutions, said Kong Qingtai, director of China Commercial Trust and Credibility Center.

According to Xinhua News Agency experts found that illegal medical practices were popping up in alleys, city blocks, rural areas and even in established hospitals.

Misdiagnosis of a minor illness such as a cold can cost several hundred yuan in major hospitals. By falsifying your health condition, hospitals can recommend surgery costing 200 to 800 yuan or (US$24-97).

Dishonest medical practices are a serious problem in China. Lack of medical expertise in cosmetic surgery can cause severe disfigurement. Also, hospitals have been known to manufacture illegal medicine leading patients with minor illnesses to become seriously ill or die from lack of correct treatment plans.

Many complain about the high fees hospital charges.

Experts suggest that medical integrity begins by medical institutions creating a good image and environment for the public. Established medical institutions should monitor and appraise other medical organizations at all levels. Establishing legal guidelines suitable for the nation can also promote integrity.

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