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India, Pak will carry on the talks, feels US Analyst

Washington: A leading U.S-based South Asia analyst has said that dialogue between India and Pakistan and the continuing ceasefire on the line of control showed both nations are extremely serious on making peace. Michael Krepon, senior analyst with the Henry L Stimson center, said despite increase in sporadic violence in Indian Kashmir, hope was still there so long as the troops observed ceasefire on the military ceasefire line dividing disputed Kashmir. "My sense is that while violence is cyclical, the key indicator that's obvious is that the Line of Control is still quiet. People are not shooting at one another. So that shows that there's still a pretty high degree of seriousness on the part of the government of Pakistan to try and see if things can be worked out," Krepon said in an exclusive interview in Washington D.C. India and Pakistan are holding back-to-back talks in Islamabad this week as part of their tentative peace process, covering terrorism, drug smuggling, trade and commerce. They ended three days of talks over their frontier, in New Delhi on Saturday, making no breakthroughs but agreeing to have an open mind on all issues, including the 57-year-old Kashmir dispute, at the heart of two of their three wars.

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