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Chinese Officials Give O.K. to Brothel in Government Building
The Epoch Times

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Despite the current campaign in China to stamp out pornography and prostitution, one brothel operates out of a government office building, with the full knowledge of local officials.

According to TVBS news, on July 16, the police department of China started a campaign to "attack pornography websites," and closed nearly 700 pornographic websites. Yet despite the vigorous fight against prostitution and pornography, a "nightclub" (brothel) was opened in the government office building of Zhaotung city in Yunan province.

The fact that the nightclub is a brothel is not in dispute. While greeting the guests, the staff of the nightclub explains their services and costs: “To have a room it costs 188 yuan (US$22.71), including four bottles of beer and four small snacks. A young lady costs 120 yuan per hour (US$14.50). If you want to bring the lady out to a hotel for a short stay, the cost is 1,200 yuan (US$145). If you want the lady out overnight, it costs 2000 yuan (US$241.63).”

Apparently, some brothel owners believe that the most dangerous place is the safest place to set up shop. The location of the nightclub is in the office building of the Tax Bureau of Zhaotung city. Local residents know all about it due to its popularity and the visits of many famous celebrities.

The Tax Bureau staff has gotten used to seeing young ladies walk in and out of their office building. One staff member said, "Although they come and go at different times, they are also working here. We have gotten used to the situation and don’t feel uncomfortable.”

The Director of the Tax Bureau of Zhaotung city explained that leasing out the rooms helped cover expenses, "Our main concern is how to use the government resources fully since even empty rooms need some maintenance."

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