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Pro-Green Singer, A-Mei, Meets Protest in Beijing
The Epoch Times

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Another concert by Taiwanese superstar Chang Hui-Mei “A-Mei” was met with protest, and this time it was in Beijing, rather than Hangzhu city.

A-Mei’s pro-green stand that supports the independence of Taiwan has become a hotbed of controversy so the “One China” supporters came out to protest. A melee of sorts broke out as supporters of A-Mei confronted protesters before the concert, which resulted in pushing and shoving by both sides.

Earlier this year her concert in Hangzhu city was cancelled after it was suspected that A-Mei supported Taiwan’s independence from China. The police in Beijing were prepared for possible problems, arriving at the stadium in the morning almost 12 hours before the concert time.

About two hours before the concert started protesters started to unfurl their banners, but police immediately whisked them away. Fans then started to shout at protesters asking them to leave and chaos between the two sides erupted lasting about 10 minutes before police brought it under control.

A concert goer was quoted as saying,” Before A-Mei’s concert, another interesting show had already been performed.”

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