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What are the outcomes of Western China policy?

July 25, 2004 (CSN) -- Graphic photos of the effects of torture, carried out by Chinese prison guards, with the full knowledge and approval of ostensibly 'responsible' higher-up authorities, and in the furtherance of human rights abuses and persecution directed at members of the Falun Gong health-and-spirit practice in China, have been released by the Falun Dafa Information center (FDI).

The particular photos above are accompanied by FDI's report about what happened--

[For her support of Falun Gong] In July 2003, [Gao Rongrong] was sent to the Longshan Forced Labor Camp. During her detention, Gao had been beaten by camp officials, according to sources familiar with her case.

At approximately 3:00pm on May 7, 2004, Tang Yubao, the deputy head of the No. 2 Brigade along with team leader Jiang Zhaohua, called Gao to the duty office and began to torture her with electric batons for 7 hours, according to these sources. Those detained with Gao in the labor camp say she sustained burns on her face, head and neck, which caused her face to swell and become disfigured. Her face was covered with blisters, and her hair was matted with pus and blood. Gao could only open her eyes a crack because of her swollen face and her mouth was severely swollen and deformed.

In a desperate attempt to escape her torturers, Gao jumped from the 2nd floor office window, fracturing her pelvis, thigh and legs.

Gao was hospitalized for her fractures making it possible to secure photos of the scars on her face, neck and body.

At the China Support Network, Executive Director John Kusumi said, "This is the ultimate indictment of Western mishandling, or appeasement, in its policies towards Communist China. Through our trade dollars, we have long since bought China a new set of tanks, guns, and bullets, to replace any supplies depleted at the Tiananmen Square crackdown -- and, we have gone on to finance the Longshan Forced Labor Camp and the electric cattle prod that was used in the disfigurement of Ms. Gao, above. The torture devices may say Made in China, but they should also say Paid for by America."

He added, "I am given to understand also that China has a new class of submarines that just appeared, taking the Western military establishment by surprise. The military modernization of China would be likewise Paid for by America. We cannot simply denounce the Chinese government for its actions; we must also denounce the lack of response by the U.S. White House, and the lack of interest on the part of America's media."

Reacting to the horrifying photos of Ms. Gao Rongrong, as above, the Field Director of the China Support Network, Curry Kenworthy, said, "Hopefully this victim will recover as much as possible from these wounds. Let us pray that it will be so." The denunciation for the lack of interest on the part of America's media was picked up by Mr. Kenworthy--

"Where the HELL is the Western media?...There is something very foul in the world of journalism. It's like being complicit to a crime."

"We saw some sickening stuff about the Iraq prison scandals, but nobody was disfigured. If that warrants weeks of front-page news, then where the hell is the equivalent, proportional amount of coverage for China's victims?"

Mr. Kusumi will appear in Boston today and render his speech on the topic, "China and Terrorism." He will be part of a rally at Boston's Copley Square, from 11:00am to 1:00pm.

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