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Mainland visitors experience Hong Kong demonstration
The Epoch Times

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On July 1st, over 500,000 people joined Hong Kong’s demonstration for democracy. Also that day, tourists from China witnessed and participated in the magnificent procession. After hearing about the July 1st demonstration, some Chinese citizens even rushed over to Hong Kong just to participate in it. Tourists sighed with regret that “China has not this kind of freedom.”

According to Apple Dailey News on July 2nd, when the Chinese participants saw the majestic parade, they all thought it was conducted for the purpose of celebrating Hong Kong’s return to the motherland of China. It wasn’t until they read the signs and posters did they realize that it was to express the citizen’s dissatisfaction towards government policies.

Mr. Pu from Shanghai told Apply Daily, “ I’m very supportive of Hong Kong citizens trying to gain democracy. It is too bad that I do not have enough time, or I would have stayed and join the demonstration in support.” He also said, “You are walking for freedom, and are able to walk freely on the streets. We are also free, we are free to take trips to Hong Kong.” A visitor and participant of the demonstration from China said, “My biggest gain from coming to Hong Kong this time is having the opportunity to film this grand procession of several hundred thousand Hong Kong citizens.” He also said, “I will bring this film back to China and share it with my family and friends.” Another visitor, Mrs. Fan said, “In China we do not have the right to demonstrate freely on the streets with so many participants like here in Hong Kong. But we are still very glad to see that they are able to enjoy such rights, and also deeply felt the good fortune of the Hong Kong people.” On the other hand, there were also many tourists who were afraid of retaliation from the Mainland Chinese government and refused to give any opinion.

After hearing of this vast procession, many Chinese citizens crossed the border for just the purpose of participating in the demonstration. They mostly came from Chinese cities such as Guangzhou, Beijing, and Zhuhai.

Ms. Wang from Guangzhou came to Hong Kong two days earlier because she wanted to witness this procession with her own eyes. She said, “I feel that Hong Kong is a society that can hold many different voices, and also it has many opportunities for citizens to pursue and demand for them. It is so much better than China who has none of such freedoms.”

Ms. Xu and Ms. Kang from Jiangsu, after reading about this demonstration in the paper, said, “We decided to come and feel the atmosphere of having the right to express one’s own thoughts.”

Mr. Zhang from Beijing also rushed to Hong Kong especially for this demonstration, and expressed that he will go on the street with the Hong Kong citizens to advocate democracy. He said that 25 years ago he was jailed for trying to change the dictatorial government, and so he “will come even in death, and [is] not afraid of anything.”

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