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Hiring assassins in South Africa is Zeng Qinghong's underground gang-style fashion
The Epoch Times

On June 28, during Zeng Qinghong’s visit to South Africa, nine Australian Falun Gong practitioners went to South Africa to peacefully appeal. They planned to help local practitioners file a lawsuit against Zeng. Unexpected gunshots were fired at one car of practitioners. Zeng was recently accused of harassing journalists and democrats in Hong Kong. He is now suspected of hiring assassins in South Africa. Zeng’s global activity in underground gang work has shocked the world.

Falun Gong suspects Zeng Qinghong as the main culprit for hiring assassins. In South Africa, on June 29, Falun Gong practitioners held a press conference to raise international awareness on this incident and condemn the conduct of China’s national terrorism. Recently in China, members of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and many local high ranking officials have been involved in the hiring of assassins to kill citizens in the provinces of Guangdong, Fujian and Henan.

Zeng Qinghong used to install monitoring devices in the homes of CCP high-ranking officials

The CCP officials view Zeng Qinghong as a big threat, naming him the “Black-masked Killer”...Zeng is known for using secret and vicious means to collect information. Zeng use to send people to wiretap China’s State Building. After this was discovered, everyone felt scared so they began holding important conversations in the backyard. Zeng also installed wiretapping devices in many high-ranking officials’ offices and homes. He held on to ‘important’ information to threaten officials so they would support him politically.

Zeng Qinghong has played an important role in helping Jiang Zemin persecute Falun Gong. From the beginning, he has been actively participating and carrying out brutal persecution against Falun Gong practitioners. The lawsuits filed by Falun Gong practitioners against high-ranking Chinese officials while visiting overseas countries has been a sensitive topic at Zhongnanhai, in Beijing. Jiang and Zeng were both sued while visiting overseas countries. The lawsuit against Jiang Zemin has caused him to live in extreme fear.

Jing Shizhong, a columnist specializing in China’s affairs, commented on this incident on June 29th saying, “Zeng Qinghong gets backfired in South Africa." Jing said that the assassin who fired the gunshots in this incident and the gangs who were involved are very likely to get murdered by Zeng in order to make this a dead case. However, these people, to save themselves from being killed by Zeng, may try to kill Zeng first, or their friends may try to kill Zeng to get even.

Recently, Jiang’s regime has frequently used the criminal society to harass and defeat dissidents in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau. Zeng planned most of these incidents. After the CCP established the government, it has had contacts with the criminal society. Recently many times Zeng has used the gang’s influence in Hong Kong to harass democrats.

“Black-masked Killer” Zeng Qingong

Zeng Qinghong has a list of the bad and “under-the-table” conduct of CCP officials that he has collected by all means in order to control these people. The CCP officials all know Zeng as being the most corrupted. Zeng is in charge of the CCP organization system. Zeng also holds the power controlling China’s policies towards Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Zeng Qinghong is the son of Zeng Shan, the former Director of the Bureau of Internal Affairs in the Chinese-Soviet government in the early years, and is in the Crown Prince Party. He was born in July 1939 in the City of Ji’an in Jiangxi province. He used to be the director of the organizing division of the Shanghai city commission and the vice secretary of the Shanghai city commission. He followed Jiang Zemin to Zhongnanhai after the June 4th massacre took place.

Civilians view Zeng Qinghong as Jiang Zemin’s personal consultant. Zeng has aggressively participated in and supported all Jiang’s activities. (I don’t understand this sentence - It was said that Zeng used to represent Jiang signing the secret borderline agreement with the former Soviet Union (SU).) The agreement gave out a large portion of Northern China to SU in exchange for SU not revealing Jiang’s identity as a spy for the KGB. Even the Director of the Department of Defense at the time did not know the content of the secret agreement.

When Jiang started to suppress Falun Gong in 1999, Zeng was the Director of the Bureau of Central Organization. Zeng planned and built the “610” organization that specifically focused on suppressing Falun Gong. Zeng planned and participated in every brutal order Jiang gave out to persecute Falun Gong. The Falun Gong practitioners said Zeng is one of the main criminals in this persecution.

In November 2002, Zeng received his “award” for persecuting Falun Gong and became a committee member of the Central Political Bureau and a big player in the core of CCP. In the People’s Congress in March 2003, Zeng became the Vice President. Traditionally there are many Vice Presidents in the Party but in order for Jiang to restrict Hu Jintao’s power, he allowed only one person to cover this position. Jiang gave it to Zeng.

Non-stop scandals and lawsuits against Zeng Qinghong

Last May, while Hu Jintao was visiting overseas, without informing the Central Political Bureau, Zeng arbitrarily approved the list of provincial officials intending to expand his power in the 17th and 18th People’s Congress. This secret came out later.

Recently a CCP school in Hainan province was caught in the scandal of illegally issuing diplomas. One of the high-ranking officials in the school was accused of selling diplomas to make a fortune. This official had long been illegally issuing thousands of diplomas. Zeng is the principal of the school.

There are many people accusing Zeng of his illegal conduct, either openly or behind his back. The former Mayor of Beijing, Chen Xitong, accused Jiang and Zeng of taking revenge on him and secretly persecuted him politically by using the excuse of anti-corruption. Yang Baibing accused Jiang and Zeng of being involved in the “sudden death” of former President, Yang Shangkun, who had the opposite political interests as Jiang.

On August 29, 2000, a Hong Kong Falun Gong practitioner, Zhu Keming, and a Beijing Falun Gong practitioner, Wang Jie, went to the supreme procuratorate to file a lawsuit against Zeng’s illegal persecution against Falun Gong. On Oct 17, 2002, seven Falun Gong practitioners from Canada, United States, France, Australia, Ireland and Hong Kong filed a joint lawsuit against Zeng for helping with the persecution against Falun Gong. The lawsuit was filed at the United Nation Committee Against Torture and Human Right Commission.

On this visit to South Africa, Zeng again faced another lawsuit. Nine Falun Gong practitioners from Australia, after learning that Zeng was going to visit South Africa from June 27 to 29, decided to go to South Africa to conduct a peaceful appeal. At the same time, the practitioners planned to file a lawsuit against Zeng in South Africa for his crimes in persecuting Falun Gong. Unfortunately, the practitioners were shot on their way to the appeal.

Hiring assassins popular amongst Chinese officials

In China, the trend of using organized crime to defeat different political parties has become common.

Many media outlets in China have reported that a lot of CCP officials have hired assassins to protect their personal interests. These assassins have been offered huge rewards so the official can protect profits that have been obtained through corruption, eliminate the opposite political parties, or avoid being prosecuted. Many local police have also started to use gangs or violent means to harass or harm politicians with opposite political views.

Inside the CCP, the wave of officials hiring assassins has just begun. In the city of Yangchun in Guangdong province, there was a shocking political murder - “For 500,000 yuan, the Assistant Mayor is buying the head of the Mayor”. In the city of Shangqiu in Henan province, Xu Jianshe from the Liangyuan District Planning and Administrative Bureau of Shangqiu City hired an assassin and killed the Vice Director of the city construction commission. In the city of Fuzhou in Fujian province, to fight for political power, the Vice Director of the Environmental Protection Bureau murdered the director of that bureau. In the city Pingdingshan in Henan province, the secretary of the cities political legal commission murdered the head of town, Lu Jing.

Hiring assassins, same techniques used by Zeng Qinghong in South Africa

Outside of China, the most well known case of the CCP hiring assassins happened in March, in Taiwan, during the presidential election. The CCP used the Taiwanese gangsters to fire gunshots which started the terrorism. In fact, in the past ten years or more, the CCP has been in close contact with the Taiwanese underground society. A Taiwanese who was once kidnapped in China, by the Chinese National Security, said, “My business partners in China told me that the CCP has a special team in Taiwan that is in charge of killing.”

In order to have full control of the media in Hong Kong and resolve the “problem” of freedom of speech, the CCP has openly used gangs to fight dissidents. This has resulted in the resignation of many famous media hosts in Hong Kong . It is said that before 1997 CCP bought out the underground crime society in Hong Kong.

In the United States, the CCP special agents have also had close contact with local gangs. Violent cases involving pro-CCP officials consistently take place in the United States. (This sentence is confusing to me-The local gangster, Liang Guanjun, is the “outcome” from the CCP and the gangsters.) Mao Zedong’s personal doctor, Li Zhiyuan, exposed the secrets of Zhongnanhai when he was in New York. When Li was preparing the sequel of the secrets of Zhongnanhai, he died in his bathtub at home because of a “heart attack”. The cause of death is still a mystery.

The CCP has a close relationship with the underground international crime society . This can also be seen from the bodyguards arranged for the Chinese officials when they visit overseas. The local Chinese consulates often arrange the gangs to serve as bodyguards for the visiting CCP officials.

When Deng Xiaoping visited the United Stated, the CCP officials in Hong Kong later disclosed that the local gangs in New York “did a good job” protecting Deng. When Hu Jintao visited Spain in 2001, some of the gang members served as bodyguards for Hu. In Dec 2003, Liang Guanjun was seen closely following Wen Jiabao on Wen’s visit to New York. Liang helped the Chinese consulate insult Falun Gong practitioners in New York. Lianghas a complicated background and has contacts with the New York gangs.

Black list for murdering and spying

The CCP has a detailed list of the Falun Gong practitioners overseas. When Jiang Zemin visited Iceland in June 2002, the CCP gave the Iceland government a list of Falun Gong practitioners worldwide. When practitioners from the United States, Canada, England, France, Sweden, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and Australia checked in at the Iceland Air terminal in Europe and North America, they were told that their names were on a black list and they were not allowed to board. According to The VISIR, a news report from Iceland, this list was collected by the Chinese government and given to the Iceland officials before Jiang’s visit.

It was said that Zeng Qinghong used $7 million dollars to hire assassins in Taiwan to suppress Falun Gong. In December 2000, the founder of Falun Gong planned to go to Taiwan to give lectures. Zeng secretly sent a special murder team to Taiwan and had them partner with gangs in Taiwan. Zeng spent $7 million dollars to hire them to murder the founder when he went to Taiwan to give lectures. The founder of Falun Gong knew about this and did not go to Taiwan.

In 2000, Jiang intended to pay the United States $500 million dollars so they would deploy the founder of Falun Gong back to China. When the trade failed, Zeng ordered the special service department to murder the founder of Falun Gong and had the national security bureau establish a special murder team.

In order to suppress Falun Gong, the CCP used the best spy network employed by the national security system. The CCP systematically harasses, follows and threatens Falun Gong practitioners. Part of these activities is the work done with the overseas crime society.

Commenting on the assassination incident in South Africa, a senior British diplomat, Lord Francis Thurlow, said on June 29th, “We are responsible for making the declaration to the whole world, the Chinese Communist regime does not just persecute its own people on its own land, it also extends the persecution against Falun Gong practitioners overseas, by hiring thugs to conduct this shooting in another country."

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