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Taiwan’s semiconductor industry tops $1 Trillion
The Epoch Times

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TAIPEI - The production value of Taiwan's semiconductor industry is expected to post an all-time high of more than NT$1 trillion (US$29.7 billion) for 2004, a spokesman for the Industrial Development Bureau reported Monday.

The bureau made the promising forecast based on the domestic industry's first-quarter output value of NT$239.6 billion, which represents a 42.1 percent increase over the year-earlier level, the spokesman said.

The bureau official attributed the growth to stronger global demand for electronic products after the impact of the outbreaks of severe acute respiratory syndrome in the first half of last year.

The domestic industry registered a production value of NT$818.8 billion for 2003, up by 28.7 percent over the 2002 level, he elaborated.

In terms of the various sectors, IC manufacturing, design and packaging all posted growth in production value for the first quarter, ranging from some 49 percent to 30 percent year-on-year.

Morris Chang, chairman of the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation, the world's largest foundry, forecast recently that the domestic industry will expand by 30 percent in output value this year.

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