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Large agate deposit found in Xinjiang
The Epoch Times

Early legend says that a large quantity of agate exists under Balikun County’s 240 miles of desert. Because of grueling desert conditions and the remote location, this has remained merely a legend. Recently, however, a large agate field and mountain were discovered during a desert exploration.

According to a XinhuaNet report from Xinjiang Uighur Minority Autonomous Region, the area of agate discovered spans more than 10 square kilometers (6.2 square miles). Some agates are as big as a matchbox; some are as small as a nail. The very good quality and quantity astonished explorers, considering the size of the area. The agate mountain reveals a one-meter (3.2 feet) wide mine belt from the top of the mountain to the base.

Since its discovery, the agate mine has not been properly prospected. Balikun County lacks the resources to finance it. So far, only the occasional herdsman and treasure seekers have picked up agates that can be found on the surface.

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