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Survey shows 35 Million smokers in China
The Epoch Times

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A recent survey by Yang Gonghuan, an expert on smoking control in China, indicates that 35 million Chinese people, over age 15, are smokers.

According to Beijing Youth Daily, Yang’s survey results show that the overall ratio of smokers to the general population has dropped by 1.2 percent from 1997. Smoking rates decreased by 3.1 percent among men and 0.9 percent among women. However, presumably due to a rise in the overall population, the number of smokers increased over the same period.

Approximately 36 percent of the Chinese population smokes. The rate of smokers is 66.9 percent among men and 3.2 percent among women.

The youngest smokers in this year’s survey were 14 years old, 5 years younger than the youngest group surveyed in 1997. The percentage of young smokers has increased since 1997, especially among young women. Yang believes that China should focus most of its anti-smoking efforts on young people, women, those with less education, and the rural population.

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