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Teens launch 700-mile bike ride for kids in China
Christine Parker, The Epoch Times

Two bikers prepare to take off for 700-mile Save the Kids Ride.

WASHINGTON, DC - A group of teenagers set out on a 700-mile bike ride this week in order to bring more awareness to the persecution of children in China. The week-long trek began in Washington, DC and is expected to end in Chicago, IL on May 21.

The teens call themselves Pedals of Peace. They plan to stop at various schools along the way to share their stories with other children and teens.

"I miss my grandma and want to see her. I hope that the persecution will end so then all the other mothers, fathers, relatives, and children can be safe," 10-year-old Karen Chen said in a statement she read at the kick off event. Karen won’t be making the ride, but she has worked to garner the support of local officials. The Northern Virginia resident said that her family has benefited from the practice of Falun Gong, but when they were in China they were persecuted because of their practice. Now that she lives in the United States she said that she misses her relatives back in China.

The Pedals of Peace were inspired to launch their “Save the Kids Ride” by a three-year-old Australian Falun Gong practitioner, Fadu, whose father was killed for his beliefs.

The DC kick-off was attended by students and teachers from local elementary schools and other supporters from the local community. DC Shadow Senator Paul Strauss offered words of encouragement to the riders before they departed and local musician Drew Parker performed a song he had written for the event.

“It is always gratifying to see young people take a stand for peace and human rights throughout our world,” Virginia Governor Mark Warner stated in a congratulatory letter that was read at the kick off.

The Save the Kids Ride will travel north, then west from Washington, DC through Cumberland, MD, Pittsburgh, PA, Columbus OH, and Indianapolis, IN to Chicago. The group can be tracked on its website

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