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Hong Kong democracy activists arrested by police
The Epoch Times

Three members of the Hong Kong pro-democracy groups “April 5th Action,” and “Democracy Power Against Dong,” including Liang Guoxiong and Zeng Jiancheng, attempted to travel to Shenzhen to deliver a paper on their position to Shenzhen People’s Congress Complaint Visit Office. They were successful in delivering their paper to Wu Bangguo, Commissioner at the National People’s Congress Committee, but they were taken away by Shenzhen police; some of the reporters interviewing them were also taken away.

The three activists gathered in the Red train station in the morning, and brought banners to display when they got to Shenzhen. All three of the activists had their return certificates confiscated by Chinese officials, so the three did not know if they could enter the Mainland or not. They had hoped Shenzhen Port would deal with their entry as a special case and authorize them to enter the country.

They pointed out that the National People’s Congress had a conference and did not agree on Hong Kong’s general election for a procurator and legislation committee in 2007 and 2008, which suppressed Hong Kong’s self-government, and deprived Hong Kong’s citizens of the right of a general election.

When they got to Luo Lake, the Hong Kong police warned them that if they were there for anything more than to pass through the territory, they would be in violation of the law. They walked through Hong Kong customs, from Luo Lake Bridge to the Shenzhen frontier. Then, when they showed their banner and shouted slogans, they were taken away by Shenzhen public security people. Some Hong Kong reporters who did interviews at the scene were also taken away.

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