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The “Ten Forbiddens” for the Chinese Media

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Chinese media organizations have received a notice regarding the “Ten Forbiddens”

According to members of the Chinese media, China’s Central Propaganda Department recently issued a reporting directive to all media organizations regarding the “Ten Forbiddens”, which is actually a kind of “forbidden reporting zone” formulated by China’s central authorities. The “Ten Forbiddens” include:

1. It is without exception forbidden to report rumors about a 5% appreciation of the Chinese currency Renminbi;

2. It is without exception forbidden to report information about the selling of stocks or shares by government agencies;

3. The mainstream media is forbidden to report gossip;

4. The central media department and the websites under its administration are not allowed to have contacts with commercial websites such as and outside of normal business transactions;

5. There should be no more reports about the Anhui “Red Roof Businessman”;

6. It is forbidden to reproduce or report on The Chinese Peasant Report [Zhongguo nongmin diaocha], The Past is Less than a Mist [Wangshi bing bu ru yan], and The Heart of Girls [Shaonu zhi xin];

7. Reporting should cease on the Ma Jiajue case;

8. When reporting on the employment of college students, on the security issues caution is recommanded;

9. In some current social news reports, especially in reports regarding serious criminal behavior, it is forbidden to be overly detailed, which produces a negative influence;

10. The original sentence has been upheld in the “Shenyang BMW accident case”, and media organizations are uniformly forbidden to report on this.

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