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Honda sues China for patent infringement
The Epoch Times

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Honda automotive company is suing a Chinese automotive company, Shuanghuan, for infringing on their design patent of the CR-V sports utility vehicle.

According to a report from Beijing Times, Honda requested that a Beijing court stop Shuanghuan from duplicating their design for the CR-V SUV. Originally, Honda planned on manufacturing CR-V with Chinese automotive company, Dongfeng, starting from the first half of this year.

In addition, Honda planned on selling this vehicle for 300,000 yuan (US $36,245); however, the price from Shuanghuan is only 90,000 yuan (US $10,870).

This is China’s second patent infringement since General Motors sued Qirui Automotive, a branch company of the Shanghai automotive group, for infringing on their design of the Matiz compact vehicle in July 2003. Matiz is designed and manufactured by GM’s Daiwoo automotive company in Korea. GM plans to sell this vehicle in China and alter its name to Chevrolet Spark.

Patent infringement is one of the biggest problems that foreign companies in China continuously face. For example, at the end of last year, Toyota automotive sued the Jili group, a private automotive manufacturer in China, for illegally utilizing their trademark.

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