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China uncovers over 100 Olympic trademark violations
Central News Agency

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Beijing's Intellectual Property Department head, Liu Dongwei, held a press conference yesterday on intellectual property protection, revealing that in the past two years the city has succeeded in investigating 144 Olympic Symbol Trademark violations.

According to a Xinhua News Report, Liu claimed that in 2002 alone, Beijing removed 270,000 offending symbols and over 600 billboards using the symbol illegally, and banned the use of “Welcome Olympics” Advertisements on 67,000 taxis. Last year, the day after Beijing's Olympic Committee Symbol was announced, related departments in Beijing immediately banned all T-shirts with fake Beijing Olympic Symbols to prevent them from spreading.

Liu stated that as a city soon to hold the Olympics, Beijing absolutely could not tolerate Olympics intellectual property violations. She also mentioned that Beijing’s Cultural Department would put performance activities that had to do with Olympic intellectual property rights under strict investigation and would dispatch staff to monitor the scene of the events. Liu claimed that no violations have occurred yet.

The Beijing Olympic Committee also announced through their official website how to report intellectual property violations to the authorities. After Beijing won the rights to host the 2008 Summer Olympics, China immediately issued regulations on protecting the trademarks for the five-circle Olympic Symbol as well as the Beijing Olympic Symbol.

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