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Cricket gear makers in Jalandhar cash in on the ongoing series

Jalandhar: The ongoing thrilling cricket series between India and Pakistan has brought back cheer to the flagging cricket bat manufacturing industry in Jalandhar. Once famed for its excellent bats made of the same family of willows as the internationally acclaimed English willow, the cricket bat industry went through a bad patch during the past seven years. Manufacturers allege government's neglect for the sagging industry, which exports more than 30 percent of the country's sports goods. But manufacturers say the Indian team's ongoing cricket tour of Pakistan has revived the demand. "Sales have definitely increased as matches between India and Pakistan have always had an effect on our business. In future also, such matches will benefit the sports industry," said Somi Kohli, a bat manufacturer. Even the young cricket enthusiasts are taking inspiration from the men in blue to perform better at local cricketing events.

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