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A letter of conscience
Miho Sato

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Dear Sirs,

Hello. I am a member of Life Funds for North Korean
Refugees, a Japanese NGO.

One of our member was arrested in China during his
humanitarian aid work in China. Almost four months are
passing by since then. And, China may prosecute him.

Takayuki Noguchi (32), the JP humanitarian aid worker, is
insisting that he will remain in detention until the other
two North Korean refugees, whom Noguchi was helping, are
released and are able to go to a country that they would
like to go. This is because if the two NK refugees are
send back to North Korea, they will face to a severe
punishment, i.e., a possibility of death.

In the past ten years, 3,000,000 people died in North
Korea due to starvation. Now, 100,000 to 200,000 people
are hiding in China to just survive. They are refugees
under the international laws.

Noguchi was arrested in China for illegal transporting
people to cross the border and for attempt the crime.
However, China is not following the International Refugee
Law, the International Customary Law, and the 1995 Treaty
between China and the UNHCR.

What Noguchi did is humanitarian aid work, and the two NK
refugees just wanted to survive. Please help us to save
their lives and human rights. China may prosecute
Noguchi, and Noguchi could be subject to a sentence of up
to ten years imprisonment. China is also holding three
South Korean humanitarian aid workers (the number could be
nearly 20 including Korean Chinese).

I would appreciate it if you could provide information on
his detention at your website. Please help us.

For more information, please see this website:

Thank you for your kind attention to this matter.


Miho Sato

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