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One out of three carries TB bacteria in Beijing
Ming Pao

HONG KONG - According to the Beijing Health Department, nearly one third of the people in Beijing are carriers of tuberculosis bacteria (TB).

Deng Xiaohong, deputy director of the Beijing Health Department, said that although the outbreak rate of tuberculosis in Beijing is the lowest in the country, the number of TB bacteria carriers remains high. The outbreak rate is seven per 100,000 people, similar to other major cities in developed countries. However, about one third of the people in Beijing carry the TB bacteria and are susceptible to the disease when their immune system is weak.

Senior citizens are especially vulnerable to the disease. Also, small group outbreaks occasionally occur in universities and high schools.

Migrant workers in Beijing are eight to ten times more likely to be affected by TB than Beijing residents with official residential permits. Many migrant workers live in substandard housing and have limited health care access.

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