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US asks WTO to sanction China for violations

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The United States Trade Representative, Robert B. Zoellick, said last week that China is not observing international trade regulations. Hence, the United States may ask the World Trade Organization (WTO) to put sanctions on China.

AFP reports, "At a Congress public hearing, Zoellick said that the United States will exercise its rights given by WTO if China did not progress in the direction it is urged to. He also said that the United States will push toward exercising the laws this year to make sure China implements its promises and follows WTO regulations.

Examples of non-compliance include China not enforcing its laws promptly to protect rights for intellectual property. Also, China discriminates in its taxing policies to prevent the United States businessmen from entering China’s markets; this is especially obvious in the semi-conductor industry. He pointed out that China has been using a variety of non-tariff means to stop the United States from exporting agricultural products and financial services into China."

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