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Only 10% of Chinese HIV/AIDS Victims Know They are Infected
The Epoch Times

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BEIJING- The American Center for Disease Control (CDC) began a $15 million project on March 2 to help fight AIDS in China. The CDC said that in China, only ten percent of people who have HIV or AIDS know that they are infected.

The project is part of a global effort that will target AIDS in 25 countries, including China.

The project will focus on ten provinces in China including Henan. Many farmers in Henan Province have been infected with AIDS because of the high frequency of blood sales and the inability of the government to provide safe operating procedures.

Over the next five years, the American CDC office in China and the Chinese CDC will work together using the funds to prevent HIV infections, improve AIDS treatments and provide care and support for the patients.

One of the goals is to help China determine the actual number of HIV/AIDS victims living in China and to locate them.

The Chinese government estimates that there are 840,000 people infected with HIV. However, international experts believe that the total number of those infected is much higher and warn that the number may reach 10 million by 2010.

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