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U.S. "helped" India, Pak avert nuke conflict: Powell

Washington: Stating that both India and Pakistan were moving in the right direction of "conflict resolution rather than confrontation," U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell has said that Washington will always lend a "helping hand" to both countries. Highlighting Washington's key role in preventing a possible nuclear strike between Islamabad and New Delhi, Powell was quoted by the Daily Times as saying that, "The Pakistani and Indian leaderships have decided: let's talk to each other and move forward." "The success we have had with both countries is to let them know that we treat them as two separate countries. We do not see things solely as India-Pakistan. India, Pakistan, India-US, US-Pakistan. We'll lend our good offices to the work you're doing," Powell told an audience attending the George Kennan's centenary celebrations at Princeton University in New Jersey.

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