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Boy contracts AIDS after visit to hospital
The Epoch Times

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Boy Contracts AIDS After Visit to Hospital
During recent years in China, AIDS infection from blood transfusions is increasing. In a dramatic move, the parents of an eight-year-old boy filed a lawsuit against Beijing University Hospital after claiming he was infected by AIDS during a routine blood transfusion in surgery.
According to Xinhua News Agency, the boy’s father, Sun Ya, requested the hospital to pay 860,000 yuan for compensation for physical and mental losses, but the hospital refused to admit their claim.

A local court in Beijing has already accepted this lawsuit, which is the first lawsuit regarding infections from improper medical treatment in Beijing. The hearing is scheduled in March.

According to a hospital in Henan Province, the boy was susceptible to the AIDS virus after contacting a serious pneumonia in November last year. Both his parents are not infected with AIDS with proof from a detailed examination.
Sun Ya and his wife determined that the only source for their son to be infected with AIDS was the blood transfusion during a cleft lip surgery in Aug. 2002.

“My son only received one blood transfusion in his entire life, which is during the surgery in the stomatological hospital of Beijing University,” said Sun.

The manager of the stomatological (involving the study of mouth inflammation) hospital of Beijing University said that the boy’s infection had nothing to do with the hospital. He pointed out that the boy had surgery in a hospital in Henan province. Therefore, it was extremely difficult to determine where the AIDS virus originated.

He stated, “Our hospital uses blood only from the Beijing blood center and it is absolutely pure.”

According to a report from Xin Hua News Agency, several patients who received AIDS through blood transfusion received compensation in recent years.

Chinese officials estimate there are 800,000 AIDS and HIV patients in China, however, experts of the health industry claim the actual number is much higher.

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