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Lethal radioactive material missing
The Epoch Times

Police in Pu City are conducting a wide-scale investigation to find a lead ball containing radioactive material Cesium-137, stolen from Northwestern Electric Construction No. 1 Project Company. The dangerous radioactive material is used in metal detection devices.
The police confirm that the lead ball containing Cesium-137 was among other old steel products stolen. According to Northwestern Electric spokesperson, the radioactive material was brought in 1971 and while it is 33 years old, its radioactive capabilities have not weakened significantly, making it still lethal.

Cesium-137 is a radioactive metal element and is a silver white color with a soft texture containing an exceedingly high active chemical property. Under the effect of light, it releases electrons easily and can explode in water. It is primarily used for making light batteries and electron tubes. The half-life of cesium is 140 years; with a usage value of at least 30 years. Cesium-137 is extremely toxic reports of contractors becoming sterile after close contact with the material.

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