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Kim Jong Ilís nuclear strategy
Kim Myong Chol, Ph.D.

Kim Jong Il Nuclear Conspiracy: A full-length analysis of enigmatic nuclear strategy (Kim Jong Il Kakuno-Inbo: Nazono Kaku-senryaku Tettteitekini Kaimeisuru) will hit the bookstores throughout Japan on February 16, 2004.

The 299-page analysis of Kim Jong Ilís nuclear strategy is authored by Dr. Kim Myong Chol, widely known as an unofficial spokesman for the Democratic Peopleís Republic of Korea (North Korea). His previous books were banned in South Korea. His second book became a bestseller in South Korea in 2000. Kim Jong Il Nuclear Conspiracy is published by Kojinsha, a conservative military affairs publishing house in Tokyo, which is well known for its mass-circulation monthly ďMaru (Rising Sun),Ē a magazine devoted to military affairs.

The book is illustrated with photos of Kim Jong Ilís family and the North Korean soldiers fighting the Chinese civil war between the Communists and the Nationalists, North Korean pilots fighting dogfights with the Americans in the Vietnam War and North Korean pilots attacking Israeli bases in the 4th Mideast War.

The book begins with a statement of Kim Jong Il: ďThe U.S. atomic-bombed the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people. The U.S. has become too arrogant, having no bomb falling on its soil for more than a half century. Thatís over. Should a single particle of radioactive fallout reaches North Korea, the U.S. will become a sea of fire.Ē

In his new book Dr. Kim quotes Kim Jong Il as characterizing the Korean question as a byproduct of a nuclear-based hostile Korea policy followed by the successive American governments. Dr. Kim identifies the motive of Kim Jong Ilís nuclear policy as neutralizing the American nuclear umbrella and creating a favorable environment where North and South Korea can feel safe in coming together for reunification of the divided country.

The book is divided into three parts. The first part deals with the way North Korea differs from Iraq, Iran, Cuba or Libya. North Korea is unique where it has been subjected to American nuclear threats for more than fifty years. The second part traces forty years of Kim Jong Il Ďs bid to acquire nuclear missile capability for the purposes of bringing the long-awaited period to the American interventionist role in Korean affairs. Set forth in the third part is the ongoing life-and-death nuclear showdown with the Bush Administration. The regime of Kim Jong Il has reduced the Bush doctrine of preemption to a waste piece of paper.

In the book Dr. Kim predicts that Kim Jong Il will emerge triumphant either way. Successful talks with the Americans will bring the highest accolade for Kim Jong Il. American refusal of a peaceful settlement of the nuclear crisis will catapult North Korea to the most coveted spot of a nuclear-armed champion of anti-Americanism credited with splendidly torpedoing the American nuclear umbrella, the landmark feat that has eluded Russia or China.

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