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The free world's opportunity - The Taiwan referendum
David Jerke, The Epoch Times

Iraq threat overblown...
The world's attention diverted.
The real danger lies to the East...
The Dark Dragon and its running mate.

Hiding behind communist lingo lie Orwellian Big Brothers...
Seeking only power, no respect for life.

No respect for humanity.

The stage is set for this act of the play...
Taiwan and brave Chen's referendum.

Scrambling to choose sides...

France's Chirac an early sell out.
Yellow made illegal...Eiffel Tower bathed in red.
Can France redeem itself? Will integrity return?

U.S. and the West hold the ball in hand...

Will they drop it?

Will they punt?

The choice is easy, Mr. Bush,
Though fear and situational ethics must be shed.

Stand on the side of freedom, human rights, and democracy...
Tis an easy task.

Do not be fooled by hollow bellowing.

Sure the missiles are aimed...
And diplomatic games are at hand...
The dragon, though, has no fire in its breath.

Remember Hong Kong and Article 23?

Taiwan is the place to make a stand.

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