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AIDS patients hidden at the local jail during Health Minister's visit
The Epoch Times

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In honor of World AIDS Day, China’s Health Minister, We Yi visited Beijing and Weluo Village, to assess the AIDS situations in those areas.

On Dec. 18, the Health Minister (also called Deputy Prime Minister), visited AIDS patients in Weluo Village, in eastern China. But, just prior to his visit, the police were ordered to put 20 local AIDS patients under house arrest, so the Health Minister would not be aware of the true AIDS situation there.

A resident of Weluo Village said, “I saw the police abducted four patients, and put them under house arrest for about three hours, until Wu Yi left. During Wu’s visit, they hired some local villagers to meet him. This doesn’t reflect the true situation in the village. In addition, medicine distributed by the local government doesn’t help control the disease, but instead makes it even worse.”

Apparently, Weluo Village has a large number of villagers who were infected with the HIV virus when selling their blood.

Weluo village and other areas in Shangcai County are very poor. Farmers have to sell their blood to get more income. About 1,360 villagers have sold their blood before, and over 400 people have been infected with the HIV virus because of the re-use of blood transfusion equipment. Over 500 people are AIDS carriers, and 86 people have already died from AIDS.

The visit to Weluo Village, followed Wu’s visit to AIDS patients in Ditang Hospital in Beijing, during World AIDS Day on Dec. 1, in which Yi was accompanied by China’s Prime Minister Wen Jiabao.

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