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Helvetica Invest AG drops Volkswagen as stock option
Ben Larkman

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nternational investment firm Helvetica Invest AG, based in Switzerland, removed car manufacturer Volkswagen from its stock option list at the end of December, after learning that the company had actively participated in the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China.

On December 19, 2003, The Epoch Times reported on Volkswagen's illegal treatment of job seekers in China. According to the article, the company would not consider hiring job seekers in China if they were unwilling to sign a guarantee statement promising not to practice or support Falun Gong.

According to, a website dedicated to documenting first-hand reports of persecution, Volkswagen has dismissed more than a dozen employees for refusing to give up their practice of Falun Gong.

The website also reveals that former Chinese Communist Party Secretary Jiang Zemin, who banned the meditation practice and began the widespread persecution of its followers, signed a contract with Volkswagen during his presidential trip to Germany in June 2002. During the same trip, Jiang successfully persuaded the German government to keep all people wearing yellow from his sight. Falun Gong practitioners frequently wear yellow t-shirts in their peaceful appeals against the persecution.

The management of Helvetica Invest AG has asked its researchers to remove Volkswagen from its Top Pick list. Volkswagen will not be included in the stock option list until it stops participating in the persecution of Falun Gong. As a policy, Helvetica Invest AG does not include companies in its stock purchase options that participate in the mistreatment of innocent people.

The management said any other company found to be participating in the persecution also will be excluded from its stock options. Helvetica Invest AG reportedly wishes to keep alive the sentiment often expressed among Western nations following World War II - "never again" - meaning that a state-sponsored genocide like the one committed against the Jewish people in Germany should never be repeated. Falun Gong followers and their supporters believe that is exactly what is happening in China today. No one can support this, the investment company asserts.

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