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China blocks TV coverage of Hong Kong New Year’s Day demonstration
The Epoch Times

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Hong Kong--On New Years Day about 100,000 people demonstrated in Hong Kong demanding the "return of power to the people" and "one man, one vote." According to sources from Guangdong Province, the government cut off the television signals from four Hong Kong cable stations during the live-broadcast demonstration.

“I turned on Hong Kong Chinese Jade TV Channel at exactly 6:00 o’clock in the evening. However, the news was cut off as soon as the music started, and it turned into a rerun of commercials,” according to Zhao Dagong, Epoch Times reporter.

“Whenever political activities in Hong Kong are broadcast on television, the Central Propaganda Department that controls the cable television system will cut off the broadcast to prevent negative news about the Chinese Communist Party from being aired. This is totally illegal and violates the rights of cable television subscribers in Guangdong Province,” said Zhao.

“Since customers sign a contract with the cable television company and pay for the programs every month, the cable television company should carry out the contract,” added Zhao.

“Four Hong Kong television stations, including TVB Jade, Asia Television, TVB Pearl, and Radio Television Hong Kong are often cut off at the same time. Rights are being violated, but we never hear about anyone suing the Guangdong cable television department for cutting off the broadcasts. Blocking the news violates the public right to know, but this is consistent behavior from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The communists can violate the law and commit crimes. But how can the constitution and law restrict CCP?” Zhao said.

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