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Fashion show in Ranchi to promote local fabric

Ranchi:A fashion show was organised here on Sunday to promote the local fabric "Paria". The thick, coarse, handwoven 'Paria' cloth has always been a part of tribal culture in Jharkhand. For years women have used shawls and wraps, and men have worn shirts and `kurtas' made of Paria. However, with the changing times, there has been a steady decline in the demand for this locally-made cloth.Seema Boipai, a dress designer, said that the fashion show was organised to promote the cloth among the youngsters. "My main aim was that our Paria cloth should not be left behind in the competition with other cloths. We wear denim and other cloths, which are used by youngsters. This Paria coth should be worn with denims also. We should promote our culture and tradition," she said.

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