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Just rulings by the UN Court should not be selective
Li Shixiong

Just Rulings by the UN Court Should Not Be Selective
By Li Shixiong / Letter to the Editor of Epoch Times
December 11, 2003

I read in an Epoch Times article that an international court convicted three Rwandan news media executives of genocide for inciting a killing spree by machete-wielding gangs who slaughtered about 800,000 Tutsis in neighboring Rwanda in early 1994.

A three-judge panel found that the three defendants used a radio station and a bimonthly newspaper to inflame ethnic hatred, which eventually led to massacres at churches, schools, hospitals and roadblocks.

In another case, the Hague war crimes tribunal sentenced a former Serbian officer to a 27-year prison term for his role in the massacre of more than seven thousand Muslim men. The officer wept when the sentence was read.

In the final paragraph, a judge named Liu Daqun commented on the case by saying, “The punishment proposed by the prosecutors and attorneys was too light.” He explained, “He [the officer] saw with his own eyes how the men were separated from their families and heard with his own ears the cries of children whose fathers were taken away. He saw the terror in the eyes of women who knew that their fathers, husbands and sons had no control over their own fate.” Liu added, “He [the officer] did not do anything to resist the order to kill thousands of adult and young males and was effectively an accomplice in the plan.”

Who is this harsh judge with so much compassion? Judging from his name [which means “great masses” in Chinese] and what he said, he seems to be an intellectual because, in his words he uses many legal expressions, and shows a sense of humanism as well as a strong pretense of justice characteristic of experts and scholars with a Communist background. To confirm my intuition, I asked someone to do a search on the Internet. This judge who is so concerned about the children’s cries and terror in women’s eyes turns out to be none other than an ambassador-level official. He was the chief of the first trial court of the International Criminal Court in November of 2001, and was the deputy chief of the Division of Treaties in the Chinese Foreign Ministry. Liu is a renowned international scholar in China. A great international legal expert and judge like Liu is indeed an excellent piece of authoritative “packaging” for state terrorism.

When people in the rest of the world hear such humane comments from a Chinese judge, they would mistakenly think that China should be free of such displays of inhumanity. In a few more years, the CCP’s “packaging” will become more authoritative and their lies will become more believable than the things western countries say; this way they can get more of the tuition money that they so crave, thus enabling them to educate more Ph.D.’s and other scholars or experts for the Communist Party. The reality is that tens of millions of Chinese have died under China’s state-run terrorism. None has come out to take the legal responsibility for these horrendous crimes. The evil forces behind them engineered the massive amount of deaths, and this force is growing stronger than ever. For their mere survival, the Chinese people have to keep their mouths shut or even work as executioners, defenders, and lackeys for the evil regime.

In fact, every day Chinese children are still witnessing their parents being beaten or taken away by brutal officials and police. No one even dares to cry or wail, because crying is considered hatred and discontent toward the government and thus legally suppressed with slaps or choking. When my father was taken away from us, everyone in my family was either frozen with fear or trembling without even a peep. I only recall that the plain-clothes policemen didn’t tell us not to cry, but most Chinese have lost even the courage to cry for the misfortune of loved ones.

As to the media outlets that “inflame ethnic [class] hatred that eventually led to massacres” mentioned above, China still has plenty of these. In fact, China has never ceased to use their propaganda apparatus to inculcate hatred, to spread terror and to fan the flames of massacre. The Chinese media is also instrumental in swapping truth with lies, misleading the audience and readers, spreading falsehoods, and terrorizing the people. I remember that loud speakers everywhere were filled with announcers’ calls for murder. There are tens of thousands of media criminals in China, yet none of them have ever been punished. If the UN justice and laws only apply to small nations and small-scale terror, the twenty-first century will end up a tragic century, because selective prosecution invariably encourages and stimulates the spread of the terrorist cancer. The final days prophesized in the Bible are indeed near.

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