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Genocidal correctness
Speech against U.S.-China meetings
John Kusumi

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*Genocidal Correctness*

*Speech against U.S.-China meetings*

*- week of Dec. 7-13, 2003 -*

*By John Kusumi*

For myself and for the China Support Network, I want to thank Students for a Free Tibet, who've done excellent work as they assembled today's program.

We are here to protest and to demonstrate against China's Premier, Wen Jiabao, as he visits the United States this week. And, we speak to raise awareness of the abuses in what is still Maoist Red China; human rights violations that range from crimes against humanity to genocide.

I am aware that at my speeches, our crowd commonly includes the Free China Movement, the Free Tibet Movement, the Free Taiwan Movement, the Free Hong Kong Movement, plus Falun Gong and the China Support Network.

But, as my speech travels, the audience may come to include Premier Wen Jiabao, President George W. Bush, and the American public. Premier Wen, I fault for genocide, and for the holocaust that is experienced by China's victims, including Tibetans, Falun Gong practitioners, Uighur Muslims, and others including unregistered Christians.

President Bush, I fault for his China policy, and today I am going to give a nickname to this China policy. Genocidal correctness, is a fitting name for this China policy that accepts religious persecution, torture, and mass murder, in a brutal, totalitarian regime that is, if anything, */worse/* than the Soviet Union ever was.

You know, when the Soviet Union fell, a lot of Americans thought, 'What about the */other/* evil empire?' No one here has forgotten China's display of inhuman brutality at Tiananmen Square, but the news media moved along to portraying China as that which is seen in a glossy annual report. The people in this crowd can tell you, that life is not a glossy annual report. Chinese and Tibetans here, with actual experience, can tell you things that do not appear in a glossy annual report.

To my fellow Americans, I can only say that China's persecution amounts to the largest humanitarian disaster ever faced by anyone, anywhere. China's is the most murderous regime in the history of history. The stories are so numerous, we cannot shake a stick at them. What has happened in China has been worse than World War II. Communism is not dead. Evil and tyranny live on. Maoism is not dead.

Now, what does it mean to be 'genocidally correct'? When one is genocidally correct, it's a little like being a 'good Nazi,' although -- there's no such thing as a good Nazi. But it may entail a blind eye for evil, and some bootlicking conformity for one's superiors.

What else can we say about America's 'genocidally correct' China policy?

Well, it presents us with a ruinous trade deficit and all of those economic challenges. It abrogates the Emancipation Proclamation, in its economic meaning, re-raising the issue of slavery, because we are now competing with slaves - did we know, that China applies the slave labor of */millions/* whom it keeps in concentration camps, known as the Laogai?

Genocidal correctness is an affront to the sensibilities of every feeling person, a black mark on every administration that embraces it, and a policy unworthy of the word 'American.' It is an affront to freedom, and it undermines national security.

It is a scourge upon the legacy of a generation. For my part, I have high praise for America's heroic World War II generation. They faced down tyranny. They did not build up a nuclear armed, Communist superpower - rather, they took one down. They showed courage, sacrifice, and self-discipline - all for the cause of freedom. They preserved, protected, and defended the constitution of the United States - */not of China!/*

Those World War II folks - they weren't tyranny huggers. World War II presidents did not give a 21-gun salute to Communists at the White House. Where has gone America's spine with Communism? Does it skip a generation?

More deserving of a salute are the brave heroes of Tiananmen Square, who stood for freedom in the middle of Red Square. Likewise, many persecuted groups have representation in the organizers who keep producing these programs.

To bring us to a better future, we need the leadership of these folks, and that of the Dalai Lama and of Chen Shui-bian. I wonder if the West Wing has looked outside their window recently. If they did, they would see that people in Hong Kong, and people in Taiwan, have clearly had enough of Maoist Red China, and they're not taking it any more. The trend in our world is not for Communism to cross the Taiwan Strait; Rather instead, the trend in our world is for freedom to cross the Strait in the other direction!

And, that is the good news. Wherever there are free peoples, they keep a good head on their shoulders. Besides the leadership, places also have populations. Populations are signalling to us, from Hong Kong, from Taiwan, even from Tibet and from China proper. When there is an adroit U.S. politician, he will pick up and adjust to present-day reality. Every nation has more than leadership. It has a population.

Taiwan's President Chen Shui-bian, has brilliantly provided us with the observation that there is one country on each side of the Taiwan Strait. His is refreshing candor. That is such good leadership that we will all get used to saying it. There is one country on each side of the Taiwan Strait. I like the sound of that, try saying it yourself. There is one country on each side of the Taiwan Strait.

George Bush, can you repeat after me? There is one country on each side of the Taiwan Strait. -Are we having fun yet? Wen Jiabao, can you repeat after me? There is one country on each side of the Taiwan Strait. Do you think that George Bush and Wen Jiabao could sing a duet with this line?

Well, I said today that every nation has both leadership and population. Leaders are not only straight laced, they are straight jacketed by a 'One China' policy. But, as for populations, we all know that there is one country on each side of the Taiwan Strait.

Would it be nice if our politicians would catch up with 21st century reality? It would be nice, but they're so out of touch, politicians want to party like its 1949.

It is a hazardous policy, fraught with peril, indeed with the danger of war, to pretend and to make believe that China has effective control where it does not. As for abandoning the 'One China' policy, Washington may see the wisdom of that before Beijing does, but I want to ask, flat out-

Wen Jiabao, what is your definition of evil? Do you not see that it would be evil to invade Taiwan? Rather than start the killing in Taiwan, why don't you stop the killing in China, and stop the killing in Tibet?

Stop the killing! This crowd demands it! From this crowd here, we also demand the release of our prisoners: Tenzin Delek, Charles Li, Wang Bingzhang, Yang Jianli, Du Daobin, and all of the other prisoners of conscience in China and Tibet. Thank you.

/John Kusumi is the Executive Director of the China Support Network./

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