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Vajpayee assures impartial probe into Judeo case

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New Delhi: India's Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee on Wednesday said there would be an impartial inquiry into the allegations of corruption against a former junior minister. In identical statements in both houses of Parliament, Vajpayee said there should not be any fear of misigivings regarding the indepndent probe into the corruption charges against the minister. "As honourable members are aware, the CBI has full functional autonony and under the recently enacted Central Viigilance Commission Act, the superintendents of the CBI in relation to offences under the prevention of corruption act have been vested greater powers by the government in the Central Vigilance Commission. There should, therefore, be no fear of misgiving regarding the independence of this enquiry. I would like to assure this august House that the truth will soon be out and the law will take its own course," Vajpayee told the lawmakers.

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