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Liu Xiaobo: Ms. Zhang Xianling of “Mothers of Tiananmen,” supports Du Daobin
Liu Xiaobo

After Ding Zilin and Jiang Peikun had signed a letter supporting Du Daobin, I received another phone call from a “Mothers of Tiananmen”, Ms. Zhang Xianling, saying she wanted me to sign the letter supporting Du Daobin for her. On the phone, she said, “I just heard from Ding Zilin regarding the arrest of Du Daobin, I feel angry and shocked. This is another typical case of human rights violations. It takes everyone to protest the tyranny and to strive for human rights. We need to support each other! I support our own educated people supporting Du Daobin. Please sign for me.”

Fourteen years ago, in the mass slaughtering on June 4th (the 6.4 massacre), Ms. Zhang Xianling’s son, Wang Nan, was killed by a bullet at the south end of Nanchang St. and was crudely buried on the grounds of the 28th High School near Tiananmen. He was 19 when he died, in his second year of high school.

Ms. Zhang Xianling is the first family member of those died in the 6.4 massacre found by Ding Zilin. These two brave mothers together disclosed the truth about the 6.4 massacre to the world. Since then Ms. Zhang has become the backbone of the “Mothers of Tiananmen” and with the other families have diligently worked to bear witness to history and demand justice.

To find light in darkness, one needs to illuminate one’s self first; to look for warmth in indifference, one needs to burn one’s self first. Every mother of Tiananmen is like the consciousness that lights up and burns itself. After the children died, the mothers stood up; they light up the darkness of the night and melt the ice with the fire of love.

Consciousness makes people selfless, morality and justice make people great. In rescuing humanity and striving for human rights more and more families have stepped forward and through mutual support, they have felt the power and warmth of coming together. The concern from people with conscience in China and all over the world for the families of the victims has made the mothers realize that they are not alone and human rights is a global issue. Though the mothers are still under the suppressed and oppressed by authorities in the communist party, the fulfillment of conscience cannot be suppressed, the voice of justice cannot be blocked. The humane hearts of the families have broadened day by day, the families are aiming high and care about the human rights not only within the group but for all cases and system reform in China.

Support for Du Daobin from Ding Zilin, Jiang Peikun and Zhang Xianling is evidence of this broad heart and view.

Mothers of Tiananmen, needless to say are the symbol of morality and justice standing on blood and terrorism!

Here, I would like to express my respect for Ms. Zhang Xianling!

November 11, 2003 at home in Beijing

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