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Anti-corruption Chinese official sentenced for bribery
Epoch Times

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PANJIN - Chief Huang of Panjin City Procurator’s Anti-corruption Bureau has been sentenced to 6 years and 8 months in prison for bribery.

In 1996, Chief Huang was assigned to investigate Wang, a manager of a petrochemical company, who was suspected of speculative personal investing with state-owned capital, but letting the state-owned enterprise pay back the loan.

After the two met, Wang gave Huang 30,000 Yuan on two occasions - once when his mother was ill and again when his son needed money to go to school. Under Huang’s instruction, the bank wrote Wang a 5 million-Yuan check. To return the favor, Wang gave Huang an unlicensed Nissan, which Huang later sold for 150,000 Yuan.

In November 1999, the Panjin City Anti-corruption Bureau decided to investigate a bank manager named Zhang, who was allegedly involved in some major bribery and illegal financing. They monitored his home phone and cell phone. An incoming call from Huang was recorded, during which he told Zhang’s family that their phone had been tapped. As a result, Huang was demoted.

However, Huang did not stop there. He gave another person named Cao 80,000 Yuan, asking him to help to get his position back. After one year without any response, Huang wrote a letter to Cao. The letter was found later in material gathered as evidence in a crime involving Cao. Huang was thus sentenced for bribery.

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