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Mocking a Constitution - The arrest of Du Daobin
Epoch Times

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On the afternoon of Oct. 28, The Epoch Times columnist, Du Daobin was arrested by Yincheng City police, Hubei Province.

Duís wife, Huang Chunrong commented, "While the police were searching Duís home, they said ĎThe police and his boss have spoken to him many times, but he never listened, so now he has crossed the line."

Huang questioned the police, "What line? Iím his wife, I know my husband never did anything illegal. When can my husband come back?"

The police answered, "We are still investigating, we are not sure when he will return. It all depends on the results of the investigation and his attitude."

Before leaving, the police warned Huang, "Donít talk to anyone especially the foreign media. Donít do any interviews. Otherwise, Du Daobin may be painted in a bad light."

From this conversation, itís hard to tell why Du Daobin was arrested, since we donít know what "crossed the line" means in terms of the law, and because he is still under investigation.

Itís been two years since Du Daobin first started his column in The Epoch Times. Since then he has published numerous political commentaries, most of them critical of the Chinese government.

It has been viewed as a "miracle" that he had not been arrested before this.

Some cling to the notion that this has indicated a big improvement in human rights in China. However, "Itís easier to alter rivers and change mountains than change a personís nature." Du Daobinís arrest proves that it is impossible for wolves to turn into lambs through self-examination and reformation.

A little over ten days ago, Du Daobin was still publishing articles to call the publicís attention to Liaoning Province internet writer Luo Yongzhong who was arrested and tried for publishing articles. Who would have expected Du himself to get arrested ten days later? The article below was written by Du in his own defense.

"Every citizen has the the right to a government by representation, the right to express concerns about the current government in general and the right to voice criticism of any government policies or Ďideologiesí (like that of Ďthree representativesí). If any citizen thinks that the CPC governing him should resign, should be removed, he can absolutely express it; thereís no point in keeping it to himself. The charges listed in the above judgment are nothing more than the words from Mr. Luo Yongzhongís heart. He is just exerting his civil rights as a citizen. If the law can punish a citizen for exerting his civil rights, when this citizen did nothing wrong, it can only mean that this is an evil law, and the system and power upholding this evil law are guilty of monstrous crimes.

The laws quoted by chief justice Cao Hongguang, "Item 105 paragraph 2, item 56 paragraph 1, item 47, ruling of item 55 paragraph 1 in the Criminal Law of Peopleís Republic of China" are this kind of evil law. If you compare these rulings with those of a citizenís right to freedom of speech described in the constitution, you will see very clearly that the ĎCriminal Lawí which should be executed within the boundaries of the Constitution is directly in opposition to the spirit of the "Constitution." People like Cao Hongguang actually respect this kind of evil law like itís their own "Bible." This simply means that the court composed of chief justice Cao Hongguang, deputy justice Liu Bin and "peopleís jury" Lin Zhichen is against the constitution.

We all know that breaching the constitution is similar to treason and is one of the most severe crimes. By right, Luo Yongzhong should be found innocent by his right to freedom of speech endowed by the constitution and people like Cao Hongguang should naturally be punished for breaching the constitution. Although we donít have the power to punish this kind of crime now, whether guilty or not, the public must be made aware of this."

As a columnist for The Epoch Times, Du Daobin was not the first to be arrested. Yang Jianli, a research fellow at Harvard University, and also a columnist for The Epoch Times, was detained over a year.

Here, we condemn the illegal arrest of Du Daobin conducted by police in Xiaogan Perfecture, Hubei Province. At the same time we also sternly warn related parties to respect the "Constitution of the Peopleís Republic of China." Donít punish people for exercising their constitutional rights. We hope the case of Du Daobin will be openly and fairly handled.

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