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Chinese Ambassador makes illegal profit in Afghanistan

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KABUL - Money originally earmarked to support projects in Afghanistan, including reconstructing the Chinese Embassy, was spent instead on businesses covertly owned by Chinese Ambassador Sun Yuxi. Sun has been illegally embezzling money and property from the Chinese government.

In March 2003, Sun was assigned as the first Chinese Ambassador in Afghanistan in 1979. On April 25th, he arrived at Kabul and instead of bringing his wife, he brought a daughter’s friend, Pu Jinlan, who was not even employed at the Chinese Embassy.

Pu, who owns a pricey Chinese restaurant in Afghanistan, maintains a profitable business by utilizing the resources and power of the Chinese Embassy via Sun’s assistance. The high-class restaurant in Kabul, called The Great Wall, makes a profit of $1,000 a day. She also owns a welcome center, originally owned by the Kabul branch of Chinese Electrical Engineering Equipment Company, which is even more profitable.

Currently, there are approximately 100 Chinese business people living in Kabul, a city that is in the process of being reconstructed after the war. Most of the Chinese businesses are small and the owners have had difficulty staying afloat, but Pu’s business is huge and highly profitable. Moreover, Pu has not invested any money in her business and utilizes the resources and the power of the Chinese Embassy to serve her own interests. It is known that Pu and Sun work together to manage the businesses.

Pu was assigned as the engineering representative for Chinese Electrical Engineering Equipment Company when she arrived. However, she does not possess any technical expertise in plumbing, electrical or construction work. Soon after her job appointment, the branch office became a welcome center and management was handed over to Pu. All the furniture in the welcome center, including tables, chairs, and beds came from the Chinese Embassy.

In the beginning of 2003, there were only two Chinese restaurants in Afghanistan. The owners of both restaurants are Chinese diplomats. Lu Changjin, another diplomat, and Sun tried to block other businesses from obtaining a license to limit the number of restaurants available to the public. Now many Chinese people go through the Afghanistan government to apply for licenses and place little faith in their own diplomats.

In addition, the Building and Construction Group of Anhui continuously supplies the materials and ingredients for making Chinese food for the Great Wall restaurant, such as mushrooms, rice noodles, soy sauce, salt, and vinegar. The boxes and containers used are the same as those used in the Chinese Embassy in Kabul. In addition, Pu often uses the embassy’s phone to call overseas.

The Chinese government is corrupt and few honest officials are left. Even diplomats find ways to make money underhandedly by using their social relationships as a means to gain money and power.

Since his inauguration in April, nobody really knows how much money Sun has made from his position. We can only wonder how his monthly salary of about $1,000 dollars can pay for his daughter’s tuition at Cambridge. Every penny that supports diplomats’ illegal ventures comes at the expense of the hard working Chinese people. Diplomats need to obey the law and stop tarnishing the image of the Chinese government.

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