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Tapes of stamp paper scam accused produced

Mumbai: Audio tapes of the main accused in a multi-million dollar government revenue stamp papers scam would be examined by investigators on Tuesday, prosecution lawyer said on Monday. Prosecution lawyer Majid Memon said police of Karnataka came to Mumbai to deliver tapes which are being cited as crucial evidence against Abdul Karim Telgi. "We wanted to check whether Karnataka government had either moved Supreme Court against the decision or had tried to take an extension on producing the cassettes before the court. But we found out that no such request was made. We now hope that all the 56 cassettes will be produced before SIT (Special Investigation Team) chief S.S.Puri and tomorrow these cassettes will be examined," Memon told reporters. A verdict on the tapes is awaited on Wednesday. The contents of the tapes were not made public due to the nature of the case which has engulfed several high-ranking police officials in Mumbai.

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