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Pak Shia leader fears attacks by Sunni militants

Rawalpindi: Pakistan's top Shi'ite leader said on Thursday that he feared a surge in attacks on his community by Sunni militants outraged over last week's killing of their fiery leader. Sajid Ali Naqvi, chief of Tehrik-e-Islami, the new name for the outlawed Shi'ite Muslim group, Tehrik-e-Jaffria Pakistan, said there was urgent need for the government to improve the law and order situation in the country. "This is a law and order situation. It is not a religious issue. It is being given a religious colour, being dressed up as a religious issue. It is a law and order problem," Naqvi said about the sectarian killings in Pakistan. "If the government improves law and order, and if it implements law without discrimination, then this (sectarian violence) can be curbed and brought to an end," he added.

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