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Giriraj warns of violence

New Delhi: Giriraj Kishore, senior vice president of Vishwa Hindu Parishad, has warned of violence if VHP activists were not permitted to assemble at Ayodhya. Tens of thousands of Hindu activists are trying to reach Ayodhya on Friday to demand a temple be built over a historic mosque razed in 1992, sparking some of the worst rioting that killed 3,000 people. Though the Hindu leaders had earlier promised that the march would be peaceful, the top leadership of the VHP on Thursday alleged that the state government's intervention has made the situation worse. "I am not sure whether it will be peaceful or not. But we will try our best that it remains so. The government only has spoiled things by interfering. Only if the volunteers are allowed can we hold the procession, but they are not allowing them. Both the governments (federal and the state) are in connivance," Giriraj Kishore said in New Delhi.

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