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Township leader election aborted, National Day puts Party on the edge
Li Qian

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China’s National Day was October 1st and as usual the Chinese Communist Party remind citizens of how great there country is while many appalling acts are quietly covered.
Recently, Pingba Township a small town in Chongqing City, Sichuan Province attempted to vote for candidates by direct election. After party’s 16th National Congress had stressed political reform and promised to let the small township try direct election the government cancelled it.

Government officials sent a jeep and took the leader of the reform, Party Secretary Wei Shengduo away.

Another incident reported by China’s Human Rights, occurred a day before National Day holiday, when a group of citizens came to Beijing to appeal a forced demolition of their homes. Chinese police conducted a massive search and arrested eighty-five petitioners in their hotel. Many were beaten and became the victims of the so-called policy of “securing a peaceful October 1st.”

On the morning of October 1st, a self-immolation incident happened in Beijing. It is the third occurrence this month. According to BBC report, after the flag-rising ceremony in Tiananmen Square, a 49-year old laid-off worker from Hubei Province ignited himself at the southeast corner of the People's Heroes Monument. Two other people ignited themselves due to the unfair demolition policy.

Beside the self-immolation, the Chinese government is also aggravated by the spread of AIDS, and the Schistosoma problem.

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