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Governance by Chinese Officials
Yinxing Ye

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The Chinese Communists use two effective tools for perpetuating their rule: violence and lies.
We clearly have seen the violence during the June 4th Tiananment Massacre, which was universally condemned. The Communists have since then become more cautious and less trigger-happy in the face of opposition. But the crafty Communists propagate lies daily in newspapers and television broadcasts that show domestically and abroad. Indeed, many people have fallen for these lies and have sold their souls to become defenders of the criminal communist regime. We have to peel the blinders from our eyes and see through the lies.

After the Sino-American military airplane collision in 2001, the Chinese Communist rulers fanned up nationalism and hatred towards the US in order to prop up their own regime. The top liar in the regime is Jiang Zemin.

“We value the life of every one of our 1.2 billion people,” said Jiang Zemin. This sounds quite moving, but the SARS crisis clearly shows another face.

The appearance of SARS in November 2002 in Guangdong caused a panic, but Jiang Zemin’s attention was focused on seeking the post of the Chairman of the Central Military Committee. In order to avoid embarrassing Jiang and showing his lack of attention, Li Changchun (Jiang's crony), Party Secretary of the Guangdong Province, thoroughly covered up the epidemic that led to a worldwide spread of SARS.

The reappearance of SARS in February once again was covered to avoid the negative publicity as Jiang was vying for another term as Chairman of the State Military Committee.

Long Yongtu, former Deputy Trade Minister of China commented on the spread of SARS in Hong Kong on March 28th. He said, “Who would come to visit Hong Kong if it was reported by the media?” He was implying that the Hong Kong media reports were scaring away foreigners and sabotaging the economy. He added, “There might be some cause for panic if half a million people in Hong Kong had been infected. I think it is questionable whether there should be so much reporting on only 300 cases.”

Long’s comments reflect the true feelings of top Chinese bureaucrats: deaths of a few Chinese are nothing to worry about, but frightening foreigners away would damage foreign investment and the tourist industry. Therefore the Chinese Communists did all they could to cover up the epidemic and censor media reports.

At the same time, Jiang’s personal doctor and health minister Zhang Wenkang continued to spread lies at a press conference, “The number of SARS cases is decreasing and the recuperation rate is greatly increasing. The number of deaths has decreased and the epidemic is effectively under control. Significant progress has already been made to identify the source of SARS. The Chinese mainland is socially stable and everyday life is normal. I can responsibly tell everyone that it is safe to work and live, even as a tourist.”

The communist lies helped the rapid spread of SARS in China. A trusting public followed the official media reports and naively thought the Communist regime would come up with effective measures with dealing with the SARS epidemic.

The true feelings of Jiang and other top Communist officials are: We only value our own lives.

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