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South Korean Consulate in Beijing closed indefinitely
Epoch Times

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According to the BCC News report, the South Korean consulate in Beijing will be closed indefinitely beginning Tuesday, October 7.

Due to the large number of North Korean refugees requesting political asylum, South Korean officials say the Beijing conulate cannot function properly and issue visas normally.

An official from the South Korean consulate told a foreign news that she doesn’t know how long this shutdown is going to last.

In a further statement she stated that she could not confirm the exact number of N Korean refugees currently seeking political asylum in the S Korean Consulate. The shutdown will affect the work on issuing visas to people who want to go to S Korea.

A S Korean diplomat said that the number of N Korean refugees entering the S Korea Consulate asking for political asylum has way exceeded the capability of the S Korea Consulate in Beijing. Under the circumstances they are unable to handle the workload and have decided to close the Consulate.

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