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Dumping of low-quality Chinese products called short-sighted
Epoch Times

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An economic column in a Turkish Newspaper “Times Daily” said that global large-scale dumping of cheap low-quality products from China is wreaking havoc for foreign trade in many countries and shrinking productivity, causing serial closure of plants and rampant unemployment.
The article warned the Turkish people against gaining temporary benefits while destroying their national industry and their own livelihood.

The column quoted numbers from American Manufacturers showing that there had been 3.7 million unemployed workers in the last 37 months, with a significant number being displaced by the invasion of cheap low-quality products from China.

As if to corroborate the Turkish columnist, Taiwanese media have been competing with each other in reporting the overflow of Chinese batteries in the Taiwanese market. The batteries have very short lives and high mercury content with carcinogenic risks and safety concerns.

Experts say that profiting from dumping cheap low-quality product is equivalent to killing the goose that lays golden eggs. The Chinese government itself is eventually bound to suffer from the serious consequences if it fails to find ways to curb the dumping of cheap low-quality products.

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