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Interference from Chinese Consulate condemned
Epoch Times

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GOTHENBURG - Amnesty International reacted strongly to an attempt by the Chinese Consulate in Gothenburg to discontinue a program about Falun Gong on the local radio station. On September the 19th, Gothenburg's Channel 4 broadcast a program on how the Chinese Consulate threatened a local radio station to stop broadcasting Falun Gong programs.

Regarding this, the General Secretary of Amnesty International in Sweden, Carl Soderbergh, said, "To me, this is highly offensive and unacceptable. We have watched the violations that Falun Gong has suffered in China for a long time. The fact that China wants to control Falun Gong activities in Sweden is outrageous."

When the Chinese Consulate in Gothenburg learned about the Falun Gong program, it began to do something that was, at the very least, abnormal. The association of local radio stations and related government agencies that fund the local station both received pressure from the consulate to discontinue the program.

The Chinese government has been suppressing Falun Gong for quite a long time now. The Chinese Consulate in Gothenburg has claimed that the program by the Falun Gong association will harm relations between Sweden and China.

The Chinese Consul in Gothenburg said the broadcast "affected China's image."

With this issue, Gothenburg's Channel 4 interviewed many experts on international law. They were all astonished by the Chinese Consulate's action. Commonly made comments made reference to stupidity and surprise.

According to articles of the Vienna Agreement on diplomatic protocol, no consulate is allowed to interfere with another country's domestic affairs.

The general secretary of Amnesty International in Sweden, Carl Soderbergh, said, "This clearly shows the kind of society that prevails in China. It is a profoundly totalitarian society. He may think that he can order people around, just like they do in China."

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