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Force-feeding death of elderly Falun Gong practitioner
Epoch Times

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Hebei - A 56 year old Falun Gong practitioner died from savage force-feeding in Dingzhou detention center on June 4th, 2003. Sun Shouqi had been illegally detained by a local public security institution for over one year.
As reported by Falun Dafa Information Center on September 25th, policemen arrested Sun during a sudden raid of her rented room on April 24th, 2002. Although the police searched her room and could not find anything, Sun was still sent to a detention center in northern Dingzhou and had been detained there since then.

It is reported that prison police in Dingzhou detention center performed a thorough search of all wards on June 1st. The police not only confiscated Falun Gong practitionersí books but also physically harmed them, forcing the practitioners to go on a collective hunger-strike on the same day. Between 5 and 6pm of 3rd June, several prison guards broke into the ward and dragged Sun Shouqi out by her hands and feet for force-feeding. According to witnesses, after she was sent back, there was a one-inch wound on Sunís right hand where the bone was exposed and blood kept dripping onto the ground.

According to people who knew of Sunís situation, Liu Jianying, the director of the Dingzhou Public Security Bureau participated in the force-feeding herself. She pressed Sun down but Sun struggled in protest. Another official hauled Sunís hands to the edge of the bed and sat on them with his body and claimed that ďI have no problems with breaking your arms by sitting on themĒ. The head of Dingzhou detention center, Zhang Genshen forcibly pressed Sunís head down. When Sun tried to struggle, he pulled her hair and knocked her head on the bed.

It is reported that Sun began to vomit white foam not long after being sent back to the ward and could no longer talk. She was sent to hospital at 1am of 3rd June 3rd and died at 11:00am the next day.

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